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WIDIN will always strive and practice together to
create new value for our customers.

WIDIN has been growing with customers since it was founded in 1988 to provide products and services for Carbide cutting tools.
With the 30th anniversary of foundation, we will become a new family member of the DINE group and explore another path.

WIDIN focuses all efforts on R&D, quality control, and continuous improvement necessary to generate value for customers in all processes and service areas from materials to finished products for various rotating cutting tools, focusing on EndMill and drill

Globalization accelerates the transformation of existing industries and transforms through innovation and the creation of new markets. To satisfy the short cycle of management, WIDIN will focus all capabilities on “creating new value for customers.
To achieve this goal, WIDIN will secure global competitiveness through differentiation and continue to develop and improve.

Thank you to the customers and their client company who have been supporting WIDIN for the past 30 years.
In order to become a new family member of the DINE group, WIDIN will do our best in a manner that is always devoted to our customers.

President of WIDIN
CEO Jae-Gehn Han