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WIDIN’s domestic and overseas customers And our partners

DINE Precision took over the WIDIN on September 28th 2018.
WIDIN will go to take off even more vigorously.
We'll do our best to help all of you who have loved WIDIN

We will strive to become the most competitive tool company in the industry by combining the tooling system of DINE processing, the cutting tool of Koloy and the spinning tool of WIDIN

The company contributes to the country and society, recognizes the Brand of Korea around the world, and each person wants to ensure a happy future.
We will persevere with passion in each of our executives and employees to make sure that our customers' performance and service are the best gifts.
We afraid that it's a new start, but we'll be reborn with your help.
Our WIDIN will create New WIDIN since today with another ingenuity and dynamic passion.
We'll be a reliable WIDIN from customer

We are happy to work with you in the future.

Hye Sub Yun, CEO of WIDIN